How It Works

How To Gauge Windspeed

Wind speed is affected by many variables. In the picture below, wind speeds are approximated and are depicted in miles per hour (MPH).


Windsock Color Choices

How Permanent Installation Works

The windsock can be permanently installed by simply placing a 3/4″ pipe in concrete in the ground. Our Special Fittings can be purchased to allow any of our windsocks to install in this fashion. Order Special Fitting #1 for the following windsocks: 11″ x 64″, 15″ x 48″, 15″ x 96″, 30″ x 144″. Order Special Fitting #2 for the 8″ x 24″ windsock.

How Portable Installation Works

The photo below shows the features of the portable unit. The XXL unit has heavier stakes, and a different pole set, but the principle is the same. The luggage or stuff sack sets are not shown. The windsock shown below is a standard (11 x 64) “6 panel” windsock.

How Replacement Windsocks Work

The first windsocks used frames to hold the mouth of the windsock open to catch the wind. (Our new design uses a high strength hoop to cut down on weight, cost and yet accomplish the same purpose.) For those customers that have frames, we make replacement windsocks to fit over these frames. See How To Determine The Size Replacement you need.

How To Determine Replacement Windsock Size

The process of determining your size replacement windsock is easy. Just measure the diameter of the windsock and call toll free: 800 826- 2710

How 6-Panel Windsocks Work

One of our unique products is the “6 panel” windsock (oddly enough, there are actually 8 panels). With this standard aviation windsock, you can pick among our colors to create your own color scheme. The photos below show how the windsock is built so you can envision your colors.

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